Four eyes and too much cameras.

Two artists -Jon Z. and Ixa “Lanbroa"-.

One name: Jon Lanbroa.


From the Basque Country,

A couple of nonconformist detail seekers, nature lovers and story tellers with different points of view having an analogue Photography spirit in this digital age and travelling in the slow lane around the world.



2019 Helsinki Photo Festival

            Winner Open Call Category


2019  ND awards - Neutral Density Awards

            Honorable Mention (Nature Category)


2014 Moscow International Foto Award

           Bronze Award (Nature Category)

           Honorable Mention (Architecture)













2020    Glasgow

2019    Helsinki

2018    Madrid and Santa Barbara

2017    Culver City, Santa Ana and


2016    NYC

2015    Paris and Bangkok

2014    The Pyrenees, Miami, 

             Los Angeles, Moscow,

             NYC,  Culver City and


2013    Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas,

             San Francisco, Shanghai,

             London and Bilbao

2012    Bermeo, Logroño and


2011    Barcelona, Bilbao,

             Vitoria-Gasteiz and 

             San Sebastian-Donosti




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